Approved Recovery Ltd.

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Insolvency Service

First Year of Operation: 2016

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Approved Recovery are Licensed Insolvency Practitioners based in Havant, Hampshire. We provide cost effective Members' Voluntary Liquidations to small firms nationwide, delivering exceptional customer service and maximising tax efficient returns to shareholders. Our group has over 17-years experience in the insolvency sector, functioning for local, national as well as international firms. Combined, we have been working with small business for over 49 years so we are certain that we have the expertise your need.

Approved Recovery provide a personal service to all our clients and go beyond the statutory reporting requirements. We keep all key stakeholders updated regularly and notify them of milestones as the MVL progresses. We have actually invested greatly in information technology to ensure optimum efficiency. With developments in modern interactions, we have the ability to service small business nationwide, providing the same level of service regardless of location.

Our insolvency practitioner Marcus Tout, has specialized in Members' Voluntary Liquidations (MVLs) throughout his career. He was a member of RSM's MVL working party and partner focus team whose role was to continuously develop and also enhance the firm's offering. In 2019 Marcus came to be a licensed Insolvency Practitioner. With a passion for delivering exceptional customer service, Marcus was eager to start up a firm of Insolvency Practitioners that concentrated solely on offering MVLs to small firms. With the support of long-lasting friend Jon Green and his business partner Matthew Gair, Approved Recovery Ltd was born.

Solvent Solutions Service: This service delivers a simple, quick and cost-effective procedure to all our MVL customers. We offer three kinds of MVL, Simple, Ordinary and Advanced. We operate a fixed charge pricing structure in order to offer clients with an opportunity to reduce the cost of the MVL and maximize tax efficient returns to shareholders. This is achieved by customers tidying up their balance sheet and completing certain administrative tasks before they are placed into liquidation.

Members' Voluntary Liquidation Service: A Members' Voluntary Liquidation or MVL is a legal process used to officially wind-up a solvent company's affairs. Only a licensed Insolvency Practitioner may act as Liquidator. The procedure allows all outstanding matters to be closed out, net funds and assets to be distributed to shareholders and the company's dissolution.

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