Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, Inc.

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First Year of Operation: 1999


1016 Spruce St Hagerstown MD, 21740

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Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry (FHFH) is a mission organization enabling hunters and landowners to feed their hungry neighbors. Deer, elk and livestock are donated to inspected, approved meat processors that participate with the program. The meat is then distributed to local food banks, soup kitchens, homeless shelters and other feeding ministries. FHFH raises financial support to pay the meat processing bills so that hunters, farmers and feeding programs can participate free of charge.

FHFH serves communities in over 25 states through a network of volunteer coordinators and participating meat processors. Since 1997 the program has helped hunters and farmers donate enough meat for over 17 million servings to feed the hungry of their communities. Additional volunteers, financial supporters, sponsoring companies and organizations, ministry partners, hunters, farmers and meat processors are needed to help expand the program.

Founder's Story by Rick Wilson:

I was driving down a Virginia highway in late September 1997 to meet with some friends. We were planning to clear a little brush at the farm where we hunt and celebrate the landowner's birthday with a barbecue. About five miles before turning down the gravel farm lane I spotted a woman standing by her car with the trunk open. I was a little late and tempted not to stop. I'm glad I did.

From her dress and the appearance of her old car of many colors it was obvious she was not doing well. When I asked if her car was broken she said, "No could you please help me over here beside these bushes.’’ What was waiting for me over beside those bushes? Hesitantly, I followed until I spotted a fat but slightly battered 6 point buck beside those bushes. She slowly asked , "Could you please help me put it in my trunk?"

When I asked if she had hit it with her car she said, "No." Next I explained that unless she reported the deer to the State Police or a Wildlife Officer she could be issued a citation for transporting an untagged deer. She looked into my eyes and slowly answered, "I don't kids and me are hungry." Too much talk and too little action...we loaded the deer into her trunk.

As she closed the lid of her trunk I asked one last question. "Would you like me to field dress it for you?" Her reply answered all, "No, since my husband left, me and my kids are gettin` good at it at home... and they don't bleed all over my trunk anymore." Standing there as she drove away I knew I had just looked into the eyes of Jesus.

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