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Professional Floor Sanding Company

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Ashleigh House, John F Kennedy Road, John F Kennedy Industrial Estate, Dublin 12, Ireland

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Professional Floor Sanding Specialists

Floor sanding is an intensive process, and going the DIY route often ends up costing one more than they had desired. It’s not just about the workload- the time and energy that will be spent on the task. Granted, without the appropriate skills and machinery for the job, a day-job could end up taking a week. Seeing that the sanding is the first stage of the floor restoration process, this pushes things further out of schedule, causing huge disruptions in your plans. The energy expenditure comes from pushing around the heavy pieces of equipment around the rooms for extended periods. Then there’s the backbreaking work of sanding the edges, hovering over the edging sander for hours. Take for instance using the wrong grit sequence, like starting out with 100 and 120 grit sandpaper. This will not sand away the existing varnish, and will only increase the amount of work you’ll need to do, and waste more of the paper. It also means that the sandpaper will clog up too quickly, which essentially makes it useless. You'll be constantly replacing it, which also adds to the time wastage. There's also the issue of not sanding enough. It may be due to the DIYer moving the sander too fast on the surface, or the floorboards not being completely flat such as the drum of the sander isn't able to reach all sections of the floorboards in a single pass. This leaves patches of the old varnish on the surface, and it interferes with the new coats that are to be applied. It's a tall order. On top of it all, there’s a real risk to your floor. Mistakes are costly to repair- such as digging dips into the floorboards, or even the sanding belt of the machine getting wrecked by nails sticking out of the floor. Avoid it all by dialling up the professional floor sanding team.

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The dust generated during floor sanding can be a nightmare. First, as it covers the walls, light fixtures, gets into the sinks, the HVAC units, and coats your furniture and electronics, it leaves you with a monstrous cleaning job. This will have to be carried out in the middle of the floor restoration project, further increasing your workloads. In addition, the health of the person on the premises is at risk. The dust itself is an allergen, causing incessant coughs and sneezes, triggering asthma attacks, and worsening respiratory conditions such as bronchitis. Note that it's not just wood chippings that are removed from the floor. The finish itself gets ground, mixing with the dust from the wood. These chemicals are designed for surface treatment, but when inhaled into the body system, are toxins and carcinogens, further compounding the issues for the affected persons. Moreover, when the dust enters the ductwork, it can stay there for months, gradually being recirculated in the building. You want to revitalise your floor, not put your family members at home, or the customers and staff in your business premises at risk. Our dustless floor sanding systems come in to solve the problem. As the sanders grind through the finish layers, powerful suction is used to collect the dust generated and direct it off the property, through hoses, into containment units. This makes it a clean process, also cutting down on the amount of time spent on the floor restoration.

Floor Sanding Dublin


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Floor Sanding Dublin

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