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HydroHerbs is India’s first brand that farms and sells exclusively Gourmet Hydroponic Produce.

First Year of Operation: 2010


Dr. BP Rajan Road, Uthandi, Old Vandipalayam, Uthandi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600119, India - Dr. BP Rajan Road, Uthandi, Old Vandipalayam, Uthandi

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The inspiration for HydroHerbs grew out of our desire to grow food that’s fresher, tastier, better for the environment and change what we eat as a society. We are a family farm, operating every day of the year.At HydroHerbs, we use nutrients made from botanical extracts and natural minerals. The nutrients are imported from General Hydroponics, the world renowned nutrient producer.

We have a 24/7 live-stream of the farm so our customers can see why our produce is the best in the market. We take great pride in our transparent farming methods and encourage other farms to do the same.

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+91 95513 36335

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24*7 hrs

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