L. Ronney and Sons

Line of Work:

Furniture Manufacturing and Scooter Manufacturing

Years of Operation: 1914 - 1958


1531 East 20th Street, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Additional Information:

L. Ronney & Sons started out as a furniture factory in 1914. During WWII, the company began selling scooters called 'Jeepettes' for the Navy. They were primarily used on airbases to get mechanics, etc around the long distances. After the war, the company tried unsuccessfully to market the Jeepette to consumers, and L. Ronney & Sons eventually abandon the scooter market to focus back on furniture again. The company was sold in 1958, and the factory was torn down in the mid-1960s. Jeepette's still have a legacy among a small group of scooter enthusiasts http://www.usscootermuseum.com/jeepette.htm .

Founder Information

First NameLast NameDuties/InformationYear of BirthImage
SamRonney1911 Same Ronney on a Jeepette

Number of Employees:


Advertisements, Paraphernalia, Promotional Items

The post-war Jeepette

L. Ronney and Sons Out of Business, circa 1958

L. Ronney and Sons Promotional Pen

Additional Miscellaneous Images

Current Jeepette

Recent image of Jeepette

L. Ronney and Sons Image From Getty Archive

Jeepette Plaque

Monterey Style Dresser fron L. Ronney and Sons

L. Ronney and Sons

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  • I have a Monterey Furniture Style chest of drawers made by them. Fully marked, with a painting of a little Mexican boy taking a siesta near a fire I THINK by Juan Duran Tinoco. PERFECT condition!

    You can see pics at the location below. Contact ME directly for purchase celiene.ohara@gmail.com! (Yes,you can use the photos! Give me credit, Celiene O’Hara @The KnickKnackatorian .)

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