Recycled Shakespeare Company

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Community Theater, Not-for-profit, Shakespearean Theater

First Year of Operation: 2013


4 Cottage St. Fairfield St. Fairfield ME, 04937

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Our Mission: To entertain the community on a minimal budget, while relying primarily on used and recycled materials, local enthusiasts, and royalty free productions. Let's party like it's 1599!

Recycled Shakespeare Company is an acting company based on two points: Shakespeare and freegan lifestyles. It is the goal of Recycled Shakespeare Company to require as little money as possible to produce great theater. We believe in up-cycling used materials, sets, and costumes.

Recycled Shakespeare Company will take donations of clothing, props, and set pieces. Please contact us by email if you have materials you would like to donate.

We are a proud member of the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce

Founder Information

First NameLast NameDuties/InformationYear of BirthImage
EmilyRowden FournierProducer, Co-founder, Board President1987
Aaron BlaschkeRowdenCo-founder
LynRowdenCo-founder, Board Member

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DawnellaSuttonBoard Member

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Shakespeare Kids! day camp for ages 8-13. April 18-22

Additional Miscellaneous Images

The cast of Madcap Madrigal IV, 2016

Festival of Trees, Goodwill Hinckley, 2015

Festival at the Falls, 2015

Common Ground Fair, Unity, 2015

Comedy of Errors, 2015

Comedy of Errors, 2015

Kiwanas Children's Health Fair, 2015

Art Opening, Exoptica Studios, 2015

Shakespeare's 451st Birthday Bash, 2015

Madcap Madrigal III, 2015

Festival of Trees, Goodwill Hinckley, 2014

Festival at the Falls, 2014

Best of Business Showcase, Belfast, 2014

Midsummer Night's Dream, 2014

Shakespeare's 450th Birthday Bash, 2014



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